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WAL-MART CUSTOMERS - Register your Product

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To register your product for hardware warranty support, please fill out and submit the following form. Please ensure the end-user who will be contacting Dell for warranty support is the contact person you identify below. If you have any questions, please contact Extended Services at 1-800-847-4096, Option 1> Option 2> Option 2 (English), Option 3> Option 2> Option 2(French).

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Please allow at least 5 business days for processing. See the document entitled Dell's Retail Purchase End User Agreement and Warranty Support included with your system for warranty and service information and other important information about your purchase including damage limitation provisions and arbitration or visit www.dell.ca/servicecontracts. Please note, if the system is being registered in the name of someone in a geographic location outside of the place of purchase, there may be an additional charge for this registration as well as a difference in the level of service and support.