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ALIENWARE M15X No lights (AlienFX issues)

Article ID : 426853Date Published : 2011-08-10Journal ID : 837dd30f-0fdd-4406-a052-9946b904b6ef

Article Summary:

Alienware M15x No lights (AlienFX issues)


What is happening?


The Alienware M15x light may stop working or random stop responding after updating the Comand Center version or after reloading the Operating System on the computer.




If you get to experience AlienFX issues with your computer as: the keyboard is not showing lights, no lights on the speakers’ area or similar, please perform the steps listed next:


1. Drain the MB power (Turn off computer, remove AC Adapter and Battery, press the power button for about 20 seconds - the computer is not expected to turn on, reconnect the AC Adapter and Battery)

2. Updated BIOS to latest version available at You can also use for reference the documentation available at:

Drivers & Downloads Help:

KB Article –ID: 266522:

3. Create a new AlienFX theme by:

·         Open the AlienFX Editor in Command Center:

·         Access the Theme tab in the upper left corner of the AlienFX Editor and choose the New Theme Option to create a new theme:

·         Save the new theme at the location and name of your preference by selecting the Save Theme option:

4. Reinstall the latest Alienware Command Center from (use as reference only KB Article – 365906:


5. If needed, create a new AlienFX theme again.

6. If issue continues after this troubleshooting, please contact the Alienware Support Team emailing to the email with your Service Tag, Contact Telephone number and Best Time to Reach you, to verify if further troubleshooting is required or if the computer’s motherboard might be defective.


Attention:  If the Alienware Support Team determines that the computer’s motherboard needs to be replaced, please make sure Alienware Command Center is completely removed from the system before installing the new motherboard. Once you get the replacement please install the latest Command Center version available at for your platform.


Note: Do not use the Command Center from the Resource DVD. This version might cause issues to the AlienFX board in newest motherboards.



Thank you for your inquiry,

The Alienware Support Team

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