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926 Photo All-in-One Printer

Article ID : 266274Date Published : 2009-09-11Journal ID : d0be184b-c184-4dd3-802d-1a5c156afd1a
Article Summary: This article provides information on how to download and install the drivers for your printer as well as point you to the User's Guide that provides information on how to set up, use and troubleshoot your printer.

Table of Contents:

  1. Buying Ink and Toner
  2. How to Download and Install the Drivers for a Dell™ 926
  3. 926 User's Guide
  4. Printing using a Bluetooth Connection


1:   Buying Ink and Toner  

This link takes you to the Printer Ink and Toner page, where you can pick your country and language and buy supplies for your printer.

Printer Ink and Toner Page

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2:   How to Download and Install  
  the Drivers for a Dell™ 926  

This article provides instructions on how to download and install drivers for your printer.

How to Download and Install the Drivers for a Dell™ 926 All-In-One Printer

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3:   926 User's Guide  
  (Set up, Use and Troubleshooting Information)  

The User Guide provides information on how to set up and use your printer.
  1. Browse to the Dell Product Manuals page.
    (When the Manuals page opens to the correct model of Printer proceed to Step 3, when another product shows click Change Your Product).

  2. Under the Yes subheading enter your printer Service Tag to get a concise list of drivers for your specific product model. Click Submit to continue. For information on how to locate your printer Service Tag refer to Dell Knowledge base article How to Find the Service tag on a Dell Printer.

    Note: If the Service Tag is not available, under the No subheading:
    1. Click the button to the left of Choose from a list of all Dell products.
    2. Click Continue.
    3. Click Printers & Imaging Solutions.
    4. Click All-In-One Inkjet Printers.
    5. Select the Dell 926 All In One Inkjet Printer.

  3. Click User's Guide.

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4:   Printing using a Bluetooth Connection  

  • In order to print by way of a Bluetooth connection, a USB Bluetooth adapter will have to be purchased separately and inserted into the printer.

  • The adapter must be Bluetooth 1.2 and support Object Push Profile (OPP) and Basic Printing Profile (BPP), refer to Table 1 for a list of Bluetooth adapters verified to work with the printer.

  • The Dell AIO 926 printer does not support printing from a notebook computer. Bluetooth printing is only supported for a Mobile Printing Ready cell phone or PDA that supports Object Push Profile (OPP) and Basic Printing Profile (BPP). Refer to your mobile phones manufacture for information if your phone supports Object Push Profile (OPP) and Basic Printing Profile (BPP).

  • For instructions on how to set up and use the USB Bluetooth adapter refer to the printer manual.

    1. Refer to the 926 User's Guide section on how to download and open the user's guide.

    2. Once the user guide is open, click the plus <+> sign next to Dell Photo All-In-One Printer 926 User's Guide.

    3. Click Printing.

    4. Click Printing From a Bluetooth-enabled Device and follow the instructions.

    Tested Bluetooth adapters
    Ambicom BT200C-USB
    Asanté® BU-2040_J
    Belkin® F8T001, F8T003, F8T009
    CNet CBD-021
    Corega™ CG-BTUSB01
    D-Link® DBT-120
    Goldfly Industrial ES-388
    Hawking® H-BT1OU
    IOGEAR® GBU301, GBU201, GBU311
    Kensington® 33085 or 33086
    Linksys® USBBT100
    SMART Modular Technologies® 90137
    TRENDnet® TBW-102UB
    TRENDware 101UB
    Zonet® ZUB 6110C
    Table 1: Tested Bluetooth Adapters

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