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How do I use Dell Digital Delivery?

Article ID : 387752Date Published : 2011-01-12Journal ID : 9a96b9d5-4717-49b6-9926-6ebc267a5eb4
 What is Dell Digital Delivery and how does it work?

Dell Digital Delivery is a service which enables you to purchase software at the time you order your computer and then download and install it automatically once you receive the computer and connect to the internet. Here's how it works:

Optional software is ordered with your computer. You will not receive media (CD's or DVD's, paper license keys, or printed documentation) for these applications.

  1. When your new computer is powered on for the first time, you will be walked through the regular computer setup including connecting to the internet.

  2. After you have connected your computer to the internet, the Dell Digital Delivery application already installed on your computer will run automatically.  This may not occur until your computer has been powered on for the second time.  When Dell Digital Delivery runs, it will alert you that it is ready to download and install any software you may have purchased.

  3. At the time Dell Digital Delivery is launched, you will have the option to choose Download Now, Remind Me Later, or Do Not Download (Figure 1). If you choose Remind Me Later this option will appear the next time the computer is started and on subsequent re-starts until you decide to download the software you purchased.  If you choose Do Not Download, your software will not be downloaded.  If you change your mind, you may launch the Dell Digital Delivery application manually at any time.

    Dell Digital Delivery First Install

    Figure 1: Choose Download Now or Remind Me Later (the list of software titles may be different, based on your purchases)

  4. If you click Download Now, your software will download and install automatically (Figure 2), and Dell Digital Delivery will inform you when installation is complete. If a restart of the computer is needed, you will be prompted to do so. After installation is complete, the installed programs can be found in your Start Menu (Windows 7) or in All Programs (Windows 8).

    Del Digital Delivery Download in Progress

    Figure 2: Your software will dlwnload and install automatically. (The list of software titles will be based on what you purchased with your new computer.) 


How do I uninstall or reinstall a digitally delivered program?

To uninstall a program downloaded by Dell Digital Delivery, go to the Control Panel and choose Programs and Features. Find the program you wish to remove on the list and select it. Follow the computer's instructions to remove the program.

To Reinstall a program purchased through Dell Digital Delivery, run Dell Digital Delivery by clicking on its icon in the Start Menu (Windows 7) or in All Programs (Windows 8). Dell Digital Delivery will allow you to reinstall any purchased programs not currently installed on the computer by clicking the Info Icon at the right of the listing for the application and choosing Install this application again.  


How do I get a program key if needed for reinstall?

In the Dell Digital Delivery application window, an Info Icon is displayed at the right of the listing for each installed program. Click the Info Icon and choose View application key to display the program license key (Figure 3). If View application key is not displayed for the specific application, the application does not require a license key.

dell digital delivery downlaod complete

Figure 3: Click View application key so see the software license keys.

How can I reinstall the entire Dell Digital Delivery program?

Dell Digital Delivery should already be installed on your Dell computer.  You can run Dell Digital Delivery by clicking on its icon in the Start Menu (Windows 7) or in All Programs (Windows 8). If the Dell Digital Delivery application is not installed on your computer, and you need it to reinstall software you have purchased, it can be downloaded and installed from the Dell Support Website. Click Drivers and Downloads then enter your computer's service tag to find the Dell Digital Delivery application. Your service tag is printed on a sticker attached to the outside of your computer, typically on the bottom or rear side.


Most problems with Dell Digital Delivery can be solved by resetting the program. This can be done by clicking Options (the 'gear' icon) and Reset Settings. (Figure 4).

Dell Digital Delivery reset settings

Figure 4: Click Reset Settings as a first step to troubleshooting any problems.
Problem: I receive the message, "There was a problem. Please reinstall."
Solution: You may attempt to reinstall the software from within Dell Digital Delivery by clicking the Info Icon at the right of the listing for the application and choosing Install this application again. If this is unsuccessful, you may attempt to manually install the software taking the following steps:

Open a Windows Explorer window by clocking on the folder at the bottom of your desktop and navigate to C:\ProgramData\Dell\DigitalDelivery\Downloads\Software. (Figure 5)

Dell Digital Delivery Explorer Window

Figure 5: The Downloaded Software folder.
Problem: I receive the message, "Dell Digital Delivery has not been able to connect to the internet. Please make sure you are connected and try again."

Solution: Close the Dell Digital Delivery application, launch Internet Explorer and attempt to navigate to any website. If you are successful, start the Dell Digital Delivery application again. If you were unable to navigate to a website, click Start, Control Panel, Network and Sharing Center, and select "Set up a new connection or network." Follow the instructions and once you are connected to the internet, start the Dell Digital Delivery application again.

If you need more assistance in resetting your internet connection, go to the Dell Wireless Center for information on both wired and wireless home networking. 

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