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What is Trusted Drive Manager in Wave EMBASSY® Security Center 2.1? - KB Article - 334841

Article ID : 270168Date Published : 2007-11-19Journal ID : d4f9a7c8-da6f-41cd-a87c-84e4d083e245

What is Trusted Drive Manager?

Wave’s Trusted Drive Manager handles all of the Trusted Drive’s lifecycle functions. With the Wave pre-boot authentication feature, only authorized users will be able to unlock the drive and access the data.

The Seagate Full Disk Encryption drive initially operates as a standard hard drive. But once the Wave TDM is used to turn on the security features and manage all the advanced security functions, the disk offers outstanding security while being easy to use and unintrusive. The drive locks whenever the system is shut down.  Upon power-up, the user must enter credentials to unlock the drive. After credentials are entered, the drive security operates transparently to the user, with no performance impact.

Key features of Trusted Drive Manager include:

  • Drive initialization
  • Pre-boot authentication setup
  • Drive user management
  • Drive de-commissioning
  • Back-up and recovery of drive access credentials

Required Components for Trusted Drive Manager

Table 1 shows the requirements for the main components (the client computer and the managing software).

Client Computer

A portable computer with the following:

  • Microsoft® Windows® XP
  • A Seagate Momentus® 5400 FDE.2 Hard Disk Drive
Trusted Drive Manager Software

In most cases, the requirements are already met.

The software (EMBASSY® Security Center with Trusted Drive Manager) is factory-installed on Dell portable computers. Confirm the software is installed by checking in the program group Security by Wave Systems, then look for Embassy Security Center.

Table 1: Requirements for Trusted Drive Manager Components

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