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Find your Service Tag

Entering the service tag of your Dell computer or peripheral helps Dell deliver solutions tailored to the products you own. Your Service Tag is a unique five- to seven- digit alphanumeric (letter and number) code, which is found on a white bar-coded label affixed to your Dell computer or peripheral.
The table below provides quick reference information for locating your Service Tag. For more explicit information, click video or text.
Locate your service tag
ProductService Tag Location
Desktop or WorkstationOn the back or on the side panel.
DJOn the back of the unit.
Handheld/PDA'sRemove the main battery. Refer to the topmost bar code.
LCD TVOn the bottom left hand corner of the back of the unit.
Plasma TVOn the upper right hand corner of the back of the unit.
PortablesOn the bottom of the system. For Latitude LM systems, the Service Tag is located under the plastic cover on the rear of the system, next to the docking station connector.
PrintersOn the back of the unit.
ProjectorsOn the bottom of the unit.
ServerOn the back of the system.
Wireless RouterOn the back of the unit, beneath the Dell TrueMobile sticker.
PowerVault 35F, 120T*, 130T, 530F *Older 120T units do not have a Service Tag.On back of unit
PowerVault 50FOn front of unit
PowerVault 51F, 56F On top of unit, towards the back
PowerVault 200, 201, 210, 211S Pull drive 0. Service Tag is located under the drive
PowerVault 630F, 650F, 705NOpen door of bezel. Service Tag is located by drive 0.
PowerVault 720, 740, 760N (Filers)Remove front bezel. Service Tag is located on front.

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Express Service Code

An Express Service Code is simply a mathematical conversion of your System Service Tag into a purely numeric format allowing for easy entry into Dell's automated call-routing system. Enter this number, using a touch-tone telephone, into the automated call-routing system when contacting Dell for assistance.
Express Service Code
Benefits of the Express Service Code
The Express Service Code routes calls to the appropriate service queue, thereby offering the following advantages:
  • It helps avoid numerous transfers of your call.
  • It reduces the possibility for misdiagnosis because calls are transferred directly to the correctly trained specialist.
  • It reduces menu selections, which keeps you from choosing from complicated telephone menus, shortening your overall wait time.
  • The Express Service Code is converted back to a System Service Tag and automatically places your system configuration into the technician's support applications once you are connected.

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Customer Number

Your Dell Customer Number is located at the top of your invoice, near the middle of the text. You may also locate it on the packing slip that was included with your computer. To lookup your Customer Number online, click here.

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