Monitor Base: Dell 1703FP Flat Panel Color Monitor User's Guide

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Height-Adjustable Stand (HAS): Dell™ 1703FP Flat Panel Color Monitor User's Guide

Attaching HASCable ManagementTilt/SwivelVertical ExtensionDisplay RotationRemoving HAS

Attaching HAS

After placing HAS on a flat surface,

  1. Fit the groove on the back of the monitor onto the three teeth of upper HAS.
  2. Lower the monitor so that the monitor mounting area snaps on/locks to HAS.

Cable Management

After attaching all necessary cables to your monitor and computer, (See Attaching the Cables for cable attachment,) use the cable holder to neatly organize all cables as shown above.


With the built-in pedestal, you can tilt and/or swivel the monitor for the most comfortable viewing angle.

Note: HAS is detached and extended when the monitor is shipped from the factory.

Vertical Extension

HAS extends vertically up to 130mm via the stand lock release button.

Note: If locked in the down position, press the stand lock release button on the bottom rear of HAS. Lift the front panel up and extend the stand to the desired height.

Note: Before relocating/moving the monitor to a different location, make sure that the stand is LOCKED DOWN. To lock it down, lower the height of the panel until it clicks and is locked into place.

Display Rotation

1. In locked/down Position
   - Tilt upwards, so that lower edge of monitor clears the stand.
   - Rotate clockwise until the monitor stops at 90 °.

2. Extended Position
  - Rotate clockwise until the monitor stops at 90 °.

To take advantage of the "Display Rotation" function (Landscape versus Portrait view) an updated graphics driver is required for your Dell Computer not included with this monitor. Please download the graphics driver from and refer to the "download" section for "Video Drivers" for latest driver updates.
When in "Portrait View Mode", you may experience performance degradation in graphic-intensive applications (3D Gaming etc.)

Removing HAS

After placing the monitor panel on a soft cloth or cushion,

  1. Rotate the HAS clockwise by 90 ° (base near left edge of monitor).
  2. Press and hold the LCD removal button.
  3. Remove the HAS.

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