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  BIOS Boot Order

  General Problems

  Physical Disk Related Issues

  Configuration Utility Error Messages

  BIOS Error Messages

To get help with problems with your Dell™ Serial-Attached SCSI (SAS) 6/iR controller, you can Contact Dell or access the Dell Support website at

BIOS Boot Order

If you intend to boot to the controller, ensure it is set appropriately in the system's BIOS boot order. See your system documentation for more information.

General Problems

NOTE: For additional troubleshooting information, see the SAS RAID Storage Manager User's Guide and the OpenManage Storage Services User's Guide.

Table 7-1. General Problems 


Suggested Solution

No Physical Disks Found message appears during a CD installation of a Windows operating system.

The message appears due to one of the following reasons:

  • The driver is not supported on the operating system. (applicable to Windows 2003 and Windows XP operating systems only)
  • The controller BIOS is disabled.
  • Physical disks are not connected or seated properly.

The corresponding solutions to the three causes of the message are:

  • Press <F6> to install the Device Driver during installation.
  • Enter the BIOS Configuration Utility to enable the BIOS. See SAS 6/iR BIOS.
  • Verify if the physical disks are connected or seated properly.

Physical Disk Related Issues

Table 7-2. Physical Disk Issues 


Suggested Solution

The system does not boot from the SAS 6/iR controller.

Ensure that the boot disk is attached to the controller at the lowest ID and check the controller and the physical disk boot order in the system BIOS.

NOTE: See your system documentation for information about boot device selection.

Physical disk is not enumerated during POST.

  • Go to the Configuration Utility and ensure that the physical disk is not enumerated in the SAS topology.
  • Verify the cable connection.
  • Reseat the physical disk.
  • Check and reseat the cable.

One of the physical disks in the array shows the status as "Failed".

  • Check the SAS cables.
  • Reseat the physical disk.
  • Check the enclosure or the backplane for damage.
  • Contact Dell if the problem persists.

Integrated Mirroring (IM) virtual disk does not rebuild.

  • Enter the Configuration Utility and ensure the physical disk is enumerated in the SAS topology.
  • Ensure the new disk is of the same drive type as the other disk in the virtual disk (SAS/SATA).
  • Ensure the new disk is of equal or greater capacity as the other disk in the virtual disk.
  • Ensure the new disk is not detected as an inactive virtual disk under the RAID Properties menu. Delete the newly inserted inactive disk.
  • Ensure the inserted disk has the same ID as the disk it is replacing. Assign the correct ID to the disk or use the Manage Secondary Disk feature in the Manage Array menu.
  • Ensure the new disk is a Dell supported SAS or SATA disk.

Configuration Utility Error Messages

NOTE: These error messages are displayed inside the Configuration Utility. Restart your system and retry if you encounter any of these.
NOTE: If the error message continues to be displayed even after following the steps mentioned in Table 7-3 for the resolution of the error, contact Dell Support for advanced troubleshooting. For information on how to contact Dell Technical Support, see Getting Help.

Table 7-3. Configuration Utility Error Messages 


Meaning and Suggested Solution

An error occurred while reading non-volatile settings.

An error reading any one of a number of settings from the firmware. Reseat the controller and reboot.

An error occurred while reading current controller settings.

Controller setup and initialization has failed. Reboot the system.

Advanced Device Properties settings not found.

Failed to read vital configuration page from firmware. Reflash the firmware and reboot.

Error obtaining PHY properties configuration information.

Failed to read vital configuration page from firmware.Reflash the firmware and reboot.

Configuration Utility Options Image checksum error.

Failed to properly read Configuration Utility options from flash. Restart and retry. If the issue persists, reflash the firmware on the controller.

Can't load default Configuration Utility options.

Failed to allocate memory for Configuration Utility options structure.

An error occurred while writing non-volatile settings.

An error occurred while writing one or more settings to the firmware.

BIOS Error Messages

Table 7-4. BIOS Error Messages 



Press <Ctrl+C> to Enable BIOS

When the BIOS is disabled, you are given the option to enable it by entering the configuration utility. You can change the setting to Enabled in the configuration utility.

Adapter at Baseport xxxx is not responding where xxxx is the baseport of the controller

If the controller does not respond for any reason but is detected by the BIOS, it displays this warning and continues. Shut down the system and try to reseat the controller. If this message appears again, Contact Dell.

Following SAS targets are not responding...

When the BIOS determines that previously configured physical disks are not connected to the controller, the BIOS displays this warning and continues to boot. The system continues to boot. See Physical Disk Related Issues for troubleshooting tips.

Adapter configuration may have changed, reconfiguration is recommended!

Press CTRL-C to run Dell SAS 6 Configuration Utility...

Start the Configuration Utility and confirm the configuration of the SAS 6/iR controller.


Displays while the BIOS is waiting to initialize.

SAS discovery error

Indicates that there was a discovery error reported by the firmware and may be accompanied by more such messages. Enter the Configuration Utility to investigate.

Integrated RAID exception detected:

The BIOS detected an exception with one or more RAID virtual disk. For additional troubleshooting information, see the error message "Volume (xx:yy:zzz) is currently in state "STATE".

Volume (xx:yy:zzz) is currently in state "STATE"

Lists the current state of the specified virtual disk when it is not optimal. The state may include:

  • INACTIVE: The virtual disk is inactive, possibly foreign, or could be in any one of the states mentioned below.
  • DEGRADED: The virtual disk is in a degraded state and has lost redundancy.
  • RESYNCING: The virtual disk is degraded and currently rebuilding.
  • FAILED: The virtual disk has an error and is in a failed state.
  • MISSING: The virtual disk is no longer present though a record of it remains.

Device not available

Device may not be ready at this time. The device will be retried. If the problem persists, restart your system.

Spinning up the device!

The device currently being scanned is being spun up.

ERROR! Device is not responding to Read Capacity

The device did not respond to a read capacity command. Contact Dell.

Failed to add device, too many devices!

Could not allocate resources for additional devices.

ERROR! Adapter Malfunctioning!

The adapter did not initialize properly. There may be a problem with the adapter configuration. Reload the BIOS configuration. Invoke the configuration utility again and see if the issue persists.

MPT firmware fault

The LSI Logic MPT firmware faulted. Contact Dell.

Adapter removed from boot order!

An controller that was previously in the boot order was not found. It has either been removed from the system or moved to a different slot.

Updating Adapter List!

A new adapter was found for which there is no record. A record will be created for it.

Adapter(s) disabled by user

An adapter was found, but it has been disabled in the Configuration Utility and will not be used by the BIOS.

Adapter configuration may have changed, reconfiguration is suggested!

A controller has been moved or reinstalled in the system. Add it to the boot order using the available resources.

Memory allocation failed

The controller could not allocate enough memory to load the Configuration Utility, its strings file, or its options file. Reboot the system.

Invalid or corrupt image

One of the images for the Configuration Utility, its strings file, or its options file is corrupt. Reload the BIOS. Reflash the firmware.

Image upload failed

Could not upload the image for the Configuration Utility, its strings file, or its options file. Reload the BIOS.Reflash the firmware.

Image not found

Could not locate the image for the Configuration Utility, its strings file, or its options file.

Unable to load LSI Configuration Utility

Could not load the Configuration Utility. This error usually follows one of the four previous messages.

Unable to load LSI Logic Corp MPT BIOS

MRT BIOS Fault 02h encountered at adapter PCI (XXh, XXh,XXh)

Fusion-MPT Firmware fault code 0706h

The controller was downgraded from the current firmware revision to an earlier revision which cannot support the current configuration information and cannot be initialized. Contact Dell support for assistance.

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